Sunday, March 23, 2014

DIY Easter Decorations

I started with my wreaths and mailbox swag (still not tired of makin em (:) I got some glittery eggs from the dollar store to do my decorations with. So far I'm comin up empty on ideas that don't involve em. I put this one on my living room door.

This is the one for my front door. I got the bunny at Walmart for $2.

And my mailbox swag. I didn't have any ribbon or extra mesh to make my bow, so it's kinda plain.

I put this on one of my kitchen counters. I got the chicks at the dollar store, the crosses at Walmart, and the sign (actually a door hanging) at Dirt Cheap for 69 cents.

I put this on my "formal" dining room table. It's not really big enough to go in the middle, so I put it on one of the corners. I got the vase and flowers at Dollar Tree.

I put this on my mantle. The tree wasn't supposed to be that big but I like it. I got the "limbs" from one of the plants my Maw Maw had took up out of her yard. I got the rabbit at the dollar store and the flowers from Dollar Tree. And I love my mason jars!!

I took my fake fruit out of this basket and filled it with Easter grass and a few plastic eggs. I got the bunny and put him on here from an idea I got from Pinterest. I got the little tin dish at Dirt Cheap for 20 cents and the little chicks at Dollar Tree (they kinda creep me out when you wind em up).

That's all I've done so far. Still waitin on ideas to strike haha

Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Homemade Hair Mask

Winter is taking its toll on my hair. I used to do this hair mask faithfully once a month but haven't in years. Doing my own body